Le Rucher du Périgord

Courses taught



1 Theoretical Course:

- The colony, presentation of honey bee, its functions, its essential presence in nature. Organization in the colony.
- Administrative information. Legislation.

Saturday 04th of February
at 2.30 pm

Lycée Agricole

2 Theoretical Course:

- Different products of the hive.
- The habitat: different types of bee hive, elements of the bee hive, the equipment, maintenance.

Saturday 18th of February
at 2.30 pm

Lycée Agricole

3 Theoretical Course:

- The prophylaxy.
- The brood deseases.
- A parasite: the Varroa mite, authorised treatment.
- A predator: the Asian Hornet.
- Poisoning

Saturday 04th of March
at 2.30 pm

Lycée Agricole

4 Theoritical Training:

- Preparing spring inspection/check up in the hive.

   Practical Training:
- Frame mounting and partitions.

Saturday 25th of March
at 2.30 pm


5 Practical Training:

- Spring inspection at the rucher.
- Prepare the equipment.
- Start the smoker.
- Verification of the brood, check the supplies (honey and pollen).
- Change and install new frames, the bottom board.
- Unification, set up partitions, disinfection of tools.

Saturday 1st of April
at 2.30 pm


6 Practical Training:

- Find and mark the queen.
- The Queen-less bee hive, orphan bee hive.
- Bee hive transfer; and top up super/medium super.

Saturday 15th of April
at 2.30 pm


7 Practical Training:                                      

- Installation of super.
- Natural swarming - Create artificial swarms.

Saturday 6th of May
02:30 pm


8 Theoretical and practical training day:

- Theoretical Training and free training assessment.  -------------------------------------------9:30 am-------

- Practical Training - Checking swarms and preparation of the spring crop.  -------------2:30 pm--------

Saturday 03rd of June
All day long

   --Lycée Agricole


9 Practical Training:

- Honey harvest at the apiary, demonstration.

Sunday 24th of June
02:30 pm

10 Alltogether Day end of season:

- Autumn inspection of the apiary before winter/ hibernation.
- Treatments, set up of APIVAR strips.
- Storage of frames and super.
- Inspection / check up of hives.

Sunday 3rd of September
09:30 am

- Responsible of the Beekeeping Yard : Mr Cyril Leynaert
- Trainers- Patrice Bruneau - Robert Besse - Gilles Bouny - Eric Devaure - Daniel Dumonteuil - Cyril Leynaert - Jacques Parouty.

Beekeeping Day in Thiviers Sunday 18th June 09:30 am
La Miellerie du Périgord Vert.
In Thiviers
Mr Robert BESSE
Les Perrières
24800 Thiviers
Program 2017

Theoretical Courses will take place at the Lycée Agricole (Agricultural High School) in Coulounieix-Chamiers at 2.30 pm.


Practical Training will take place at the Rucher Ecole (BeeKeeping School) in the Hamlet of Camp César at 2.30 pm.
In the event of bad weather a thoretical course will take place at the Lycee Agricole
Last spring inspection at the Rucher Ecole